Bears on Chairs


Plot Summary

Everything is perfect: There are four bears sitting on four chairs. But what will happen when Big Brown Bear wants to sit down too? Using rhyme and soft pastel illustrations, Bears on Chairs shows children how to solve a problem, work together and ultimately include everyone.

Academic Key

We selected this text for its Foundational Skills

  • Rhymes are found in many picture books, poems and songs. They help young readers develop their ears for language. Words can be grouped together by a common sound: “there,” “share,” “bear,” “pair” and “chair” all rhyme.

  • Early readers need to develop phonological awareness such as: Identifying and manipulating sounds by making oral rhymes, clapping out syllables in a word and recognizing alliteration (the same beginning sounds like “big” “bear” and “brown”).

Social/Emotional Key

We selected this text for strengthening Relationship Skills

  • This simple text offers rich opportunities to discuss problem solving and sharing. The bears have to cooperate and make room for each other.

  • There’s a problem (There are not enough chairs). There’s an attempt to fix the problem. There’s a solution. To solve the problem, the characters need to work together & include everyone.

The Bears on Chairs Collection

Valerie Schimelbears