Monthly Reading Guide Subscription

Monthly Reading Guide Subscription

10.00 every month

Reading Guides are the secret sauce to quality family reading. They transform a book from words into a conversation, a connection with your child.

Written by a Harvard-trained reading specialist, our guides deconstruct books into 4 moments of connection:

  • Conversation starters. 3-5 discussion points for you & your munchkins

  • Themed activities. Crafts, recipes, science experiments

  • Creative writing prompts. A dedicated page & prompt for your child to express him/herself

  • Book recommendations. 3 other books your child will love - and read again & again

Munchkin Reads publishes 8-10 reading guides every month. This subscription grants you unlimited access to the complete archive. We email you every time a new guide is published & you can browse (and download from) our online library whenever you’d like.

The subscription renews monthly and can be canceled anytime.

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