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We’re built for busy parents

We deliver great books and quick, actionable moments of connection.

Reads is for you if

  • You want to kick bedtime reading up a notch

  • You love reading great books, but don’t have time to find them

  • You like being creative, but don’t have time to surf Pinterest/Etsy/Google

  • You enjoy chatting with your kids about books

  • You want to teach your kids new words, subjects & ideas

  • You want to raise a child who loves reading


Munchkin READS

2 Books Every Month. Selected for your child’s age. Each month features a different theme (animals, heroes, holidays, etc) and one fiction & one non-fiction book.

2 Digital PlayBooks Every Month. Our PlayBooks deliver 3-5 moments of connection for each book. PlayBooks include conversation starters, activity suggestions, craft/recipe ideas, creative writing prompts and recommendations for similar books. Each purchase is a for a single digital download.

Curated Selection. We choose our books based on how fun they are to read, how interactive they are & how much they’ll teach your child.

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Pick An Age Group. We offer separate curriculum for 2-3, 4-5 and 6-7. Each age group receives two books and two PlayBooks every month.

Choose Your Plan. Subscribe to a monthly plan or save 20% with an annual subscription. We also offer a 6-month option.

Start Reading. Your first books ship out within 2-3 business days. Your digital PlayBooks are emailed at the same time and can be printed or read on your phone or tablet.

The Difference Between Reading A Book & Connecting Over a Book

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Each PlayBook Includes

  • Themed Activities. Watch a webcam, stage a puppet show, host a teddy bear picnic. Every PlayBook features one (relatively low maintenance) activity.

  • Craft & Recipe Ideas. Color, bake, stir, paint or glue. Each PlayBook features one easy to execute, age-appropriate craft or recipe idea (no supplies).

  • Conversation Starters. Explore emotions, discuss new facts, learn new words. Each PlayBook features 3-5 targeted sentence starters.

  • Creative Writing Prompts. Draw a scene, create your own character, re-write an ending. Each PlayBook contains one creative writing prompt.

  • Book Recommendations. If you like this book, you’ll like these too. Each PlayBook contains 3-4 recommendations for similar titles.