13 Reaons to Fall in Love With Family Reading

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Reading is fundamental to your family’s happiness. Carve out 20 minutes for family reading and you and your children will reap the benefits for years to come.

A 2018 study review published in the journal Pediatrics found that reading along is “significantly beneficial to children and their parents.” Benefits abound for parents and kids…

Family reading is good for parents because it:

  • Makes you feel like a better parent (strengthen parent's feelings of competence)

  • Improves your relationship with your child

  • Reduces stress & depression

Family reading is good for children because it:

  • Improves problem-solving & decision-making skills

  • Reduces behavior problems

  • Increases concentration & attention span

  • Expands vocabulary

  • Advances literacy

  • Helps kids make sense of the world

  • Creates positive association with reading - builds a lifelong love of learning

Most importantly, family reading is joyful! It…

  • Involves snuggling & lounging in an intimate space

  • Creates rituals and “special” time

  • Sparks conversation

  • Breeds shared laughs & insights

Ready to get started? Turn family reading into a ritual with 3 easy steps

  • Pick a time. Bedtime is perhaps the most popular, but breakfast and after school work well too

  • Find great books. We can help with that! Get 2 great books delivered to your door each month.

  • Generate conversation. Ask probing questions, do an activity that brings a story to life or have a debate. Our reading guides are the difference between reciting words & connecting over a book.

Have questions? Ideas? Feedback? Email us - let’s get the family reading conversation started!

Valerie Schimel