9 Dinosaur Books for Kids 2-7 in 2019

Got a dinosaur lover at home? Dig into these 9 great reads, organized by age…

Kids 2-3


Edwina, the Dinosaur Who Didn't Know She Was Extinct
What's not to love about a dinosaur named Edwina who wears prim hats and bakes the best cookies? A know-it-all named Reginald wants to spoil the fun with his facts about extinction but Edwina and the others really don't care.
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Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug
Join this plucky little dinosaur in his very first adventure, Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug—a warm and funny tale that proves the best hugs come from the biggest hearts.
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Smithsonian Kids: Digging for Dinosaurs
This interactive board book is sturdy enough for the most enthusiastic little explorer, with features such as a pronunciation guide, sliding tabs, spinner wheels, and lift-a-flaps to build fine motor skills. Beautiful illustrations with real-life photos bring dinosaurs to life.
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Kids 4-5


Dinosaur A-Z
Featuring twenty-six one-of-a-find models from Allosaurus to Zephyrosaurus, specially commissioned from experts in the field, this colorfully illustrated book is great for kids 4+ and up who love dinosaurs.
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Never Let a Dinosaur Scribble
This story is about a little boy who keeps hearing, "Never let a dinosaur scribble!" But in his heart believes that people just don't understand how beautiful scribbling can be. He wonders what would happen if he just gave him one crayon to scribble with, and realizes that the dinosaur had other ideas in mind.
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How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight
Every sleepy little dinosaur will recognize the tricks of the trade in these bedtime shenanigans. A variety of human mothers and fathers trying to put their dinosaur children to bed will bring the point home that the story may have something to do with human kid behavior as well
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Kids 6-7


National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs
The prehistoric world comes alive with dinosaurs small, big, giant, and gigantic. Readers will enjoy stunning illustrations, fun facts and age appropriate information. Each spread features a different dinosaur, along with simple text in big type that is perfect for little kids.
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Dinosaurs Before Dark (Magic Tree House, No 1)
Before Jack and Annie can find out, the mysterious tree house whisks them to the prehistoric past. Now they have to figure out how to get home. Can they do it before dark…or will they become a dinosaur’s dinner?
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The Dino Files #1: A Mysterious Egg
This fun chapter book series is perfect for kids who love to laugh out loud while learning about dinosaurs. Back matter includes a glossary of dino terms
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