Bedtime is Too Long For Boring Books

I love Hop on Pop and I can get behind Are You My Mother, but why (why?!?!) is Cat in the Hat so long? I used to hide it from our oldest daughter. One day, out of desperation I called my friend who’s a Harvard-trained reading specialist. What came next was a revelation…

Untitled design(1).png

One of my favorite books ever. It’s loaded with fun rhymes & heartfelt messages. We read it again & again - and again. It taught our girls about kindness & sharing. It built their vocabulary. It made us all smile.

Turns out there are lots of great off-the-radar books. Fiction & non-fiction - even for two-year-olds. Books with academic & emotional lessons - foundational skills, text complexity, relationship building and decision making.

We made a list. We created reading guides. We layered in crafts & creative writing/drawing ideas (because crafts make everything more fun) - and now we’re sharing them with you

Munchkin Fun has just launched a new book subscription service for kids 2-5. The goal is to help parents make the most of the time with their kids by delivering great books & pairing them with interactive reading guides.

Our reading specialist created 4 year-long curriculums. Each builds on themes and academic & emotional lessons. The books are fun and off the radar and the guides are layered with crafts & tips that make the stories come to life.

Click here to check out a sample box. We’d love to have you join us!

Valerie Schimel