Preschool Reading Rubric

Great kids lit has academic & emotional value. We choose our books based on how fun they are to read and how educational they are for your family - academically & emotionally. Our preschool reading rubric, created by a Harvard-trained reading specialist, outlines our metrics…

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Academic Metrics

  • Text complexity. What makes this book high-quality and rigorous? Rigorous is based on language, text structure, number of new vocabulary words & sentence length

  • Knowledge acquisition. What is this book teaching your child about the world?

  • Vocabulary development. What new words will this book teach your child? About 90% of the words in texts come from 4,000 word families (help, helped, helps, helper)

  • Reading stamina. How will this book prep you to read long texts, remember the big idea and apply it to another story?

  • Foundation skills. How will this book build your child’s ability to hear & play with sounds and quickly recognize high-frequency words?

Emotional Metrics

  • Self-awareness: Ability to recognize ones emotions & their influence on behavior. What does this book teach your child about himself/herself?

  • Self-management: Ability to regulate emotions, thoughts & behaviors. What lessons does this book teach about making good decisions?

  • Social awareness: Ability to take perspective or & empathize with others of diverse backgrounds & cultures. What does this book teach us about putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes?

  • Relationship skills. Ability to communicate clearly, listen actively, cooperate, resist inappropriate social pressure, negotiate conflict & help others. What does this book teach us about being a good friend, community member, family member, student, etc?

  • Responsible decision-making: Ability to make good choices based on the information you have. What does this book teach us about how to make decisions?

Valerie Schimel