Reading With Kids 2-3

This is such a magic age. Your munchkin is slowly transforming from a baby into a child with likes, dislikes & lots of things to say. You’ll hear a word explosion – many kids can comprehend up to 400 words by their third birthday.

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Your munchkin will start to speak in simple sentences and using correct grammar.  This makes it a great age to read new titles and re-read favorites over & over again.

Between 2-3, your munchkin might:

  • Start “reading” (i.e.) memorizing phrases & words on their favorite pages

  • Memorize the alphabet

  • Count to 10

  • Identify colors, shapes, animals and/or parts of the body

  • Start to connect letters with sounds (“D” for “duh”)

  • Relate stories to his/her life (Llama goes to school, just like me)

  • Ask questions about a story

Look for books that introduce new concepts and reinforce familiar ones. Kids at this age love repetition and exploration. Don’t forget about non-fiction too!

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Valerie Schimel